Hoddevik Surf festival 2019

juni 18, 2019

” A massive Thank you goes to everyone who came to Hoddevik for this years surf festival. The bay was filled with Good Times and the waves were rolling in just in time for the contest. Also a big shaka goes to Johan Otterdal for playing his tunes and to Nordic Ocean Watch and Greenpeace for bringing awareness to our fragile waters. Special thanks and a double shaka to our sponsors Surfers.se in Varberg, SUP.no and…

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Söndag som vi gillar den

juni 10, 2019

Söndag bjöd på mycket vind och många spots levererades. Mikael Linder fotade i Apelviken och Läjet. Här kommer några av hans fina bilder. Gustav Lerman Markus Rydberg Mikael Lygner Markus Rydberg Markus Rydberg Gustav Lerman  Andreas Rehn, Markus Rydberg Kjell Salen Gustav Häggström Gustav H Gustav H Mikael Lygner Gustav Lerman Markus Rydberg Rasmus Persson ? David Holmqvist Yann Hervy Christoffer Rappe Rasmus Persson Jens Gullstrand, Christoffer Rappe Janne Persson…

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