Craig Anderson and the Stab Innocents

”Craig Anderson is not a mentor. Or so he says. In fact, Craig believes that aspiring ”professional surfers” should follow no one’s path other than their own. Surf the boards they want, compete (only) if they want, travel where they want, etc. So, when we asked Craig if he’d be willing to chaperone six of the world’s best 16-and-under surfers on a boat trip in the Telo Islands, he was skeptical. ”In the past 10 years, I’ve mainly just been doing trips with guys I feel comfortable with,” Craig explained. ”So to go on a trip with guys half my age—I didn’t know what to expect, really.” With a little cajoling, Craig ultimately decided to join us on our inaugural grom-centric feature, or as we’re calling it, the Stab Innocents Project. ”I hope I don’t corrupt them too badly,” Craig said, prior to their journey. The kids then proceeded to raid Craig’s entire quiver and soul arch into dreamy left-handers. Watch the film, Craig Anderson and the Stab Innocents, above, to see just what went down on their eight-day, boat-bound voyage, then scroll below for some of our favorite photos from the trip. Starring: Craig Anderson, Jai Glindeman, Al Cleland Jr., Levi Slawson, Winter Vincent, Kobi Clements, Jarvis Earle.”