Dave White – It’s my choice

Nya RRD Freestylewave finns nu på surfers.se! Läs nedan vad Dave White tycker om brädan!

If you really know me you’ll know I’m not a great fan of “it’s better, faster, gybes tighter, fly’s higher” hype when ever a new board comes out, and yet that’s exactly what I’m about to say.

I’ve been in Cape Town for over a week now and if I compare the wind to last year I’d say it was disappointing, except for few day that stand out in my mind and all were on the new freestyle wave. First sail here was on the Freestyle Wave 106 and 5.7 Move, if I honest I didn’t even think about it being a new board, just sailed, got stocked and joined the boys for a sundowner in the evening.

A few days later we sailed Haagkat in conditions that ensured I stayed on the beach last year, four waves and a couple of swims later I couldn’t believe the confidence it gave me. No, I wasn’t ripping or any of that stuff, I’m not a wave sailor or ever likely to be but that doesn’t stop me from searching out the feeling and that’s exactly what the Freestyle Wave 94 gave me.

So much so I had John drop me off at Big Bay on the way home, “don’t worry I’ll sail until I’ve had enough I’ll walk home”. That might sound like John abandoned me at the beach, it wasn’t, he just had the wife an kid to get back to while I was finding a new love of my own, plus it really was just a walk to the house.

If you know anything about photography then the last gopro pix tell you the true story, the blurred, streeky water wasn’t some photoshop filter but the camera slowing the shutter speed to let enough light in. I was having such a good day the the sun had gone long before I was ready to, can’t wait for the wind to come back to get that feeling again