Dreams Do come True

Freddie scorar stor dag på Desert Point (Indo)!!!

”I could write page after page about the magical day at Desert… There were so many different situations and factors that made that day one of the better surfing days of my life. In time I’ll give you the entire story. But for now, I just wanna thank all of the 10 guys in the water for the incredible vibrations, and of course to uncle @balijonas for bringing me along. This smile and blissful feeling will take a long time to fade.”

Vi bara gratulerar och ser fram emot att höra mer om detta. Riktigt kul också att Freddie blev helt stokad med Firewire Pyzalien han hade med till den här mission.

”The pyzalien – probably the best board I’ve ever had… Im actually pretty blown away. I had a delivery from @surfersvarberg that arrived literally an hour before I had to leave for the airport. A totally new and unknown quiver, which is pretty unusual for me as I’ve always been competing and on that same path. Now that it’s all just about surfing, I have the freedom of getting creative with what I ride. The result is this magic craft and a feeling of pure joy and motivation. Seriously guys, thanks so much for the support…”

Foton: thiago_okazuka_photography

Följ Freddie på instagram: https://www.instagram.com/freddiemeadows/

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