FCS II på Hurley Pro finalen!

FCS II på Hurley Pro finalen! Julian Wilson Julian Wilson FCSII-KA-board FCSII-KA image003 image004 FCSII-KaiFlera FCS teamriders har redan börjat använda det nya FCS II systemet fullt ut! Under finalen på Hurley Pro kunde man se, flera av toppsurfarna testa sina nya signaturfenor! Nedan är ett sammandrag av finalen och de nya fensystemen!


The Hurley Pro at Lower Trestles featured an all FCS II final with event winner Taj Burrow, and runner up Julian Wilson, both riding the new system. Having only been in the market a few months, this is the first official WCT win for FCS II, which signifies overwhelming confidence in the new system from the world’s best surfers.

FCS team riders featured heavily at the business end of the draw, as did the new FCS II system and the Essential Series fin range. Overall the new system has been quickly adopted by most of the FCS Global Team, along with many other tour competitors.

Here’s a rundown on who was riding what…

Matty Wilko opted for the Accelerator medium template, as did Kieren Perrow, however being a little lighter KP geared down a size to the small template. Travis Logie was another surfer who rode the Accelerator template, firstly with the Origin system, and then with the FCS II system after switching boards.

Gabriel Medina and Filipe Toledo were pumped on the Performer Medium, as was CJ Hobgood who switched between the Performer and his trusty old GOODS-1 signature fin. Adriano also mixed things up from heat to heat, initially running the Performer medium before switching to the AM-2.

The Carver template was another popular fin. Kai Otton used the Carver large and made another impressive run at a win making it all the way to the quarterfinals. While Damien Hobgood was a little unlucky not to progress further than the second round riding the Carver medium.

New World Tour ratings leader Mick Fanning, Kolohe Andino, Jeremy Flores and event runner-up Julian Wilson were all riding prototypes of their new signature templates, all of which will be available as FCS II fins in the near future.

Nat Young was one of the standout goofy footers of the entire event riding Al Merrick’s large signature template, the G-AM. Nat has been riding the original FCS system, and is currently in transition mode with more and more boards starting to appear in his quiver fitted with the new FCS II system.

Eventual winner Taj Burrow was riding the FCS II system with the Accelerator medium template and looked threatening from his opening heat. After making the final on two other occasions it was great to see Taj eventually get the victory.

At last count 20 of the top 32 surfers in the world were riding FCS systems, and with new FCS II system now readily available that number is likely to increase.



SAL MAKES IT TWO IN A ROW FOR FCS IIimage005 sallyFitz sallyFitz1 sallyFitz2

The success of the new FCS II system continues with Sally Fitzgibbons taking out the 2013 Roxy Pro in Hossegor, France, over worthy rival Tyler Wright. In clean 3 – 4 feet waves, Sal put on a captivating display of surfing, mixing acrobatic turns with solid rail carves.

Much like with the men’s tour, the uptake to the new FCS II system is in full swing and many of the WCT women are starting to reap the benefits; including the ability to change fins in seconds, and the seamless connection between the board and the fins.

Sal recently made the switch to the new system and immediately felt the difference. She had this to say post victory.

“My new quiver of Firewire boards arrived just before I left for France and they were all fitted with the new FCS II system. From the first surf the boards felt great and I could feel the difference; I could push harder and I just felt more confident through my turns”.

So the burning question, what template was Sal riding?

Sal was riding the Accelerator small PC (Performance Core) template, which is one of 4 templates in the FCS Essential Series fin range. The Accelerator is a functional template with flat foil on the side fins designed for surfers who like to attack the wave and surf with energy and power. It’s particularly good in critical, overhead waves.


In the lead up to the Roxy Pro Sal tested the full range of Essential Series fins, and while she had the Reactor and Performer templates in her back-up boards on the beach, it was the Accelerator template that offered her the performance she needed on the day.

“The Accelerator small template was perfect for the punchy breach breaks of Hossegor, and they worked a treat on finals day”.

Laura Enever and Steph Gilmore have also been quick to adopt the new FCS II system. Despite an early exit from the event, Laura still managed to post some high scores in the preliminary rounds on the Performer template. Steph focussed her attention on the Accelerator template in PCC construction (Performance Core Carbon), which features a rigid carbon base and an internal carbon frame that produces a dynamic flex pattern through the top of the fin.

For more information on the new FCS II system and the Essential Series fin range visit surffcs.com