Lokahi Canoa FW 14´ test run

Pontus Ny testar Lokahi Canoa FW 14′, brädan verkar vara grymt bra och filmen blev riktigt fin! Enjoy!

”Our first test run of the Lokahi Canoa Flat Water 14′ x 23″ on a typical Swedish April weather day; Hail, rain and snow. Seven degrees Celsius in both the water and in the air. The only thing missing were ice cold gusty winds.
First impression; A great board. Very communicative, smooth and has a nice glide with good directional stability. Easy to find a harmonious paddle rhythm. Feels surprisingly versatile and allround to be a flat water board.
During the the next run, we hope for some choppy waters and those gusty spring winds . And some sun, thanks!”


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