Slalomseglaren Kurosh Kiani D-13 signar för Fanatic!

För er som inte är insatta så är Kurosh en av de bästa slalomseglarna från Danmark och också dansk mästare i slalom. Han kör sedan tidigare Simmer som segelmärke.
Kurosh är en person som vi har sett klättra uppåt på PWA(Professional windsurfing Association) rankingen under flera år. Han har ständigt höjt sin seglingsnivå och klättrat på resultatlistorna.

Craig Gertenbach, Brand Manager på Fanatic kommenterar värvningen såhär:

”Vi har följt Kurosh under en längre tid på PWA och han är en unik seglare som kommer komplettera vårat team perfekt. Vi förväntar oss att Kurosh skall ta sig ovanför plats nr 20 i resultatlistorna. Vi önskar Kurosh all lycka till under tävlingarna 2012. ”


Vi på Surfers tycker att det är jättekul att vi får en till skandinavisk seglare till Fanatic teamet. Vi önskar Kurosh all lycka till under 2012!
Nedan kan du läsa en intervju med Kurosh. (På engelska)

Welcome to Fanatic! What were your reasons to join our team?
Personally I have always had a look over to the Fanatic team since I started out on the world tour. Great personalities to go along with a brand that is recognizable for its values throughout the world is what for me makes a perfect set-up. Furthermore, my personal values fit perfectly together with a brand like Fanatic, so when the possibility opened up to join the team, I didn’t have much doubt what to do!
Did you get a chance to try any of our gear yet and what do you think?
I have had a chance to try out the slalom boards which I like a lot. My first experience was on the Falcon113 which blew my mind. That board and I were made for each other, and I have no doubt that I will be loving it just as much as the other boards in the range for this upcoming season.
What are your plans? Which events are you doing in 2012?
As crazy as my 2011 season was, I plan to keep the same level for the 2012 season. That means that I will be doing the PWA slalom world tour, selected Danish and Nordic events, and selected promotional events throughout the year.
Which goals do you want to reach in 2012?
There are lots of goals. As always, I want to make sure that I enjoy what I do, as this is important to me and my motivation. For more personal achievement goals, I would very much like to improve my slalom sailing from last year, meaning that I definitely want to improve my overall performance and thus ranking. Last year was a big jump for me, and I hope to be able to do the same for this year.
What are your plans until the season starts?
My plans already started a while back. I really wanted to get a head start on the training, but this time in a more unusual manner. I have focused more on upping my strength, endurance and technique rather than tuning equipment, which I know I will have time to do over the next couple months. And so far I feel like I ́m on a good track. So far so good!!


Name: Kurosh Kiani
Sail Number: D-13
Birthday: March 28
Country: Denmark
Favourite discipline: Slalom
Best results: Danish Champion
Favourite spot: Cape Town and Maui
Favourite Fanatic board: Falcon Slalom 113
Favourite manoeuvre: Backloop and Flying Inside Gybe
How I started Windsurfing: One summer day I was bored and gave windsurfing a try. Have never let go since then! Best windsurfing day in my life: Many of them but usually sailing with best friends are the best of days.
Other sponsors besides Fanatic: Simmer Style
My Goals: To be up there amongst the best of windsurfers in the world and battle it out for the top spots, and generally live out my dreams
My Slogan: I ́m an “ALL IN” type of guy!