Torö Retro Classic 2016 Rapport & Results

This contest must be the contest with one of the longest waiting periods in the world. The baltic sea hasn’t been cooperating with us for months. There had been no weekend with contestable surf throughout all of the waiting period. Until today. Approaching this day we had been looking at a fairly good forecast. Then suddenly the direction and power of the wind changed during the night. Waking up we had no idea if the surf would be contestable or not. When we arrived to Torö at 6 o’clock it was still pitch black outside. We went down to the beach and looked out into the horizon. It was cold and windy and we couldn’t see any waves. But we could hear them. We stood and waited until the morning light made its way over the islands across the bay. When light had made its way up. We had in front of us knee high waves with a slight onshore wind. Perfect conditions. The comp was on! 

When everything was set up for the comp, we had a crowd of about 20 amped surfers, aching to get in the water. The competitors meeting went fast and smooth and before you knew it the first heat was in the water. Already from start, the competitors showed great style and skills. All of the heats in round one were impressive. In the majority of the heats it was just a matter of one point that decided if you advanced to the next round or not. 

In round two the level of skill and style jumped up even more. The guys and girl all showed that they deserved to be in the second round and that they wanted to go further in the comp. The judges had a hard time deciding who would make it to the final, all the competitors surfed with style and used the waves on offer to their full  potential. In the last heat of round two the second place was tied between Mats Mjöberg and Joao Caldas and in third was Sandra Jo with only 0.5 points behind. 

It was now time for the final. The crowd on the beach increased and a stoked vibe was definitely in the air amongst both the spectators and the competitors when the horn went off for the start. The competitors really put on a show, Björn Pålsson (with a smaller board then the other finalists) struggled with a dropping swell. However he showed the spectators some sweet turns. Joao Coldas turned, noserode, kneerode and foam climbed his way through the final with style. Nick Holmgren (coming fresh from an adventure up north) showed great power in turns on his rainbow colored twin-fish. Giving the judges some eye candy. And finally, the man who stole the show with  style, Pontus Grafström with the spins, noserides and carves on his longboard. Redefining what is possible at Torö with a longboard and a 5mm suit. 

I would like to thank all of our sponsors that helped us make this comp possible. Thanks to them all of the competitors got a prize. Special thanks to Jimmie from High Coast Surf Designs for giving us a special shaped board as a prize. Thanks to all of the swedishgroms. And thanks to my parents who spent their free day at a cold windy beach. Thanks to all of the competitors and spectators who showed up today, you all made it worth it. 

Peace out from a tired but happy judge and contest organizer // Axel Cooper-Williams

Resultat Torö Retro Classic 2016

1. Pontus Grafström

2. Nick Holmgren 

3. Joao Caldas

4. Björn Pålsson

  1. Sandra Jo

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