MFC 30 år av passion

december 30, 2016

Pio kom till Maui 1986 och har sedan dess vigt sitt liv åt att tillverka fenor. Snacka om passion! MFC 2017- 30 years from MFC HAWAII on Vimeo.

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Drifting Indonesia

december 19, 2016

When nothing on a trip goes right… surf a left. Indonesia is blessed with some of the best waves on the planet. The waves come from deep water with massive amounts of power. Even when the wind kicks in you can find perfect clean hollow waves. Chasing a swell to Indo as a kitesurfer has it’s challenges though. There isn’t a real wind forecast so you never really know what…

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WINDSURF MAGAZINE Simmer Black tip 4.7 2017

december 14, 2016

”I år har vi sålt extremt många nya 2017 segel från Simmers nya våg linje och när man läser testerna från nya windsurf så gjorde ni rätt val! Grattis på er och vi tackar för förtroendet” Markus Boman Via Windsurf Mag ” OVERVIEW The Blacktip is Simmer’s compact four batten wave sail, which, like the rest of the 2017 Simmer sail line-up, has been refined to become lighter this year,…

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Firewire – FST vs. TimberTek vs. LFT –

december 1, 2016

”The Slater Designs Sci Fi, and Omni, as well as other boards designed by Daniel ’Tomo’ Thomson are made in a range of Firewire Technologies, from Future Shapes to Linear Flex to Timbertek. This video explains the difference between each Firewire Tech, and illustrates how the way a surfboard is built can impact your surfing, just as the way its shape does. All three of the Firewire techs in this…

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