AUTUMN – Surfskolan Crew

Spana in Surfskolan Varberg’s senaste film! Riktigt fina klipp och fantastiska vyer som visar Varbergs finaste sidor!

”The Autumn i Sweden have not offered allot of surf as it usually do but allot of beautiful days with sun as this edit shows from Surfskolan Crew. Next trip for the crew is coming up and its of to Indo stay tuned for more pics and videos on on instagram
Riders in the edit Arild Kristiansen Jacob Victorin plus Victor,Paul,Gustav,JohanLake
Thanx for the support Cabrinha-RipCurl-Surfers-Filtrate-BrugalRon-GHP
/Surfskolan Crew”

AUTUMN from Surfskolan Crew on Vimeo.