Bäst i test: JP Superlightwind!

Tyska tidningen ”SURF” har testat JP Superlightwind. Och tycker helt klart att det är den bästa lättvindsbrädan på marknaden. Testet finns summerat på engelska nedan. Tyska SURF Säger att det är den bästa lättvindsbrädan för den som vill ha något som planar snabbt, gippar relativt lätt och är mer förlåtande än en formula.

“surf pre-test: “already sailed”


With the new Super Lightwind 92 JP makes a next step to approach the biggest target group in light winds: Windsurfers who want to plane really early but without the ambition to compete and who consider a normal Formula board too specific. And JP delivers this as good as possible: Compared to its 90cm wide brother, this slightly longer and more voluminous shape planes very early with riders of passive style and without any pumping orgies. The stance is very pleasant and comfortable on the contour deck – even in the further inboard strap position.

The transition from non-planing to speed happens smoothly and can’t be compared to the technically demanding strap-acrobatics on a formula racer. Still, the board handles 9.5 meter sails easily. The fin set-up is an ideal compromise between performance and comfort across the wind (beam reach) and the board passes chop very smoothly. This way, the JP cannot keep up on a race track with a formula board but in return wins 3 times: Namely with
* its flowing jibe characteristics including good potential to plane through,
* it’s simple control – even powered up on a beam reach and
* the best riding comfort.
“surf”-tip: for inland waters the ideal formula replacement – if you do not want to compete.”


För er som är begåvade med kunskaper i tyska så kommer original artiklen nedan.