Canadian Pro surfer Logan Landry testar Tomo i Sverige

Som ni kanske har sett Logan Landry (pro surfare från Canada, Nova Scotia) har varit på besök i Sverige och fick lite surf. Första gången på Kåsa i Varberg och andra gången längre ner i Skåne där han passade på att testa nya Tomo Vader. Här kommer en liten recension från honom samt några bilder.
Alla bilder: Mat. Turries


5”7 x 18 7/8 x 2 9/16 vol 32.1

Upon first glance it looks something like a wakeboard mixed with a bar of soap. But as you start to take notice of the small and subtle channels and straight outline , with foam in all the right places you mind starts to wonder and get excited about something so new and different. When you paddle out on it the feeling of skepticism and weirdness goes away as it paddles like a dream. Next step was catching a wave , it paddles in with ease and the instant speed you get is incredible. As you drive down the line with great speed it really tuns very well for something with such a straight outline and you can push it harder then expected as well.
You soon realize that the short little wakeboard looking thing is very high performance and the short length and weird nose are not an issue at all. I went from riding my 5’10 standard short board at 25 litres to the 5”7 tomo and granted at 32.1 litres it was a bit big for me but i still felt the high performance properties of the board and was very impressed. And thats coming from someone who has ridden a vast amount of high performance short boards in all types of conditions. To say the least i was surprised and impressed with this board and for anyone who is looking to gain a lot of speed in weaker waves i would suggest this board for sure.”