Hoddevik Surf festival 2019

” A massive Thank you goes to everyone who came to Hoddevik for this years surf festival. The bay was filled with Good Times and the waves were rolling in just in time for the contest. Also a big shaka goes to Johan Otterdal for playing his tunes and to Nordic Ocean Watch and Greenpeace for bringing awareness to our fragile waters. 
Special thanks and a double shaka to our sponsors Surfers.se in Varberg, SUP.no and Erviks surf shop for supporting the event. 

Hope to see you all next year!”

The results: 

1. Johan Otterdal
2. Lyder Natvig 
3. Simen Knudsen

1. Naomi Dalsbo
2. Johanna Davidsson
3 Maggie Engström

1. Fredrik
2. Max

Most hours in the water : Johannes Sundby Aukan

Most stoked surfer : Trude Lerfald

Surfer who progressed the most : Fredrik

Best party wave : Johan Otterdal & Lyder Natvig

Best style: Lyder Natvig

Best wipe out : Göran Sivertsson

Photos: ThomasBrunFilm & Johan OtterdalFilm: ThomasBrunFilm

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