Lite text och bilder från Kai Katchadorian på Maui.

Flykatcher US 33 reports from Maui: I’ve been having a seriously awesome Fall season on Maui. My new Flywaves are tearing it up out at Hookipa – the mobility and agility are shining thru every session . Last week, after some gnarly battles, I placed 4th in the AWT final doing some late off the lips in some solid waves and really light wind. Perfect Flywave 85 conditions.

Since then there have been several standout sessions on both the 75 and the 84 Flywave. Sail wise, and I have been mixing it up with Mission X and Blacktip getting great projections off the lip and late hits that are almost getting a bit scary.


Aloha from Maui !

Bilder på Kai. Foto: Jimmie Hepp

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