Mick Fanning förlänger sitt kontrakt med FCS!

3xMF- 3xMF-2 3xMF-4FCS har nu utannonserat att Mick Fanning förlänger sitt sponsoravtal med FCS i tre år! Riktigt kul tycker vi och vi hoppas få se många nyheter och intressanta samarbeten mellan Mick och FCS!

Läs hela artiklen nedan:

Three times ASP World Champion Mick Fanning has re-signed with FCS, extending his commitment to riding the systems and fins for another three years. Mick made the switch from fixed fins to FCS back in 2009, and has since secured 2 ASP World Titles, his latest riding the new FCS II system.

“I’m excited to extend my deal with FCS, they’re the undisputed leaders when it comes to fin systems and fins. The past five years has been an education and I’m proud of what we’ve achieved, the next phase should be equally exciting.”

Mick played an integral part in designing his signature MF template, which has become popular with recreational and pro surfers who, like Mick, enjoy loading up on their fins and extending the arc of their turns.

Being so highly tuned and sensitive to his equipment, Mick had specific requirements for the geometry, flex, foil, and ultimately the feel of any signature fin template that would display his name.

“Before I signed with FCS I didn’t realize just how much influence fins have on your performance. Being involved in the development process forced me to learn the intricacies of fin design, and that in itself has helped elements of my surfing.”

In 2012 Mick spearheaded the testing phase of the new FCS II system and was quick to endorse its performance by switching over his entire quiver.

“The original FCS system felt great, and at first I didn’t understand why they wanted to change it. Then once I tried the FCS II system, it was clear they’d designed something better. It felt more responsive in the water, and the fins clicked straight into the plugs, no more screws! I was instantly sold.”

FCS II was released in 2013, and Mick would stamp the new system with a final validation by winning the ASP World Championship in near perfect conditions at Pipeline in Hawaii riding a quad set up.

“All the elements came together that day. I was on equipment I could trust, my boards and fin set-ups were dialled in perfectly, and all I needed to do was focus on the job at hand. If you’re confident in your equipment you can eliminate that variable, which is a bonus in high pressure situations like that.”

Mick’s signature FCS II fins, the MF Medium and MF Large, will be released in the coming months. These fins feature a new aesthetic, and are built in our reliable and consistent Performance Core (PC) construction.