Mick regerade i J-Bay!

Mick Fanning visade regerade i senaste världscuptävlingne i J-Bay! Nedan kommer ett stycke från FCS som beskriver hur Mick la upp heaten och vilka fenor han kombinerade.

Mick Fanning has solidified his position in the 2014 World Title race with an incredible victory at the J-Bay Open in South Africa. In flawless 8 foot Jay Bay, Mick defeated close friend and rival Joel Parkinson riding a DHD Duck’s Nuts model surfboard combined with his signature FCS II MF Large fin.

On the final day of competition J-Bay provided the perfect canvMF_Carve_FCS II Mick Fanning, Supertubes Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson, Supertubes MF_Carve_J-Bay Mick Fanning, Supertubesas for long tube rides and fast carving rail turns; conditions that are tailor made for Mick’s signature FCS II fin template.

“My fin is perfectly designed for these type of waves at J-Bay; fast down-the-line speed, with plenty of hold for doing long carving turns on the face”. Remarked Mick during the event.

In contrast to Joel who opted for a slightly longer board to handle the bigger waves on the final day, Mick rode his typical 5’11” with a slightly narrower tail.

“I had the perfect board and fin set up for this event: I used the same size board with a narrower tail which gave the manoeuvrability and response I wanted, and my large fin gave me the control I needed, especially on the last day in the bigger, windy conditions”, added Mick after the win.

Mick’s signature template has a number of unique features that set it apart from other fins. The high degree of sweep angle provides great hold and drive, the bevel on the leading edge gives added turning control at high speeds, and a thinner foil reduces drag and allows the fin to efficiently cut through the water.

Mick’s latest win is his second of the year and placed him third on the ASP World Tour ratings behind FCS team mate Gabriel Medina and close mate Joel Parkinson.

Matt Wilkinson continued his good run of results with a semi final finish at J-Bay. The Gorilla team rider laid down some amazing backhand turns riding the FCS II Accelerator PCC fin.

Since being release into the market, 11 ASP World Championship Tour events, and two ASP World Titles have been won by surfers riding the FCS II system and fins.