RRD Firemove bäst i test!

Vindsurfingbrädan RRD Firemove är omtyckt av alla som seglar den. Även tycks tyska ”SURF” gilla brädan! Läs testet nedan, en bra beskrivning av firemove!

RRD Firemove 100 LTD

Before the Ride: The Firemove is wide, has a very round tail a flat deck and unexpectedly forward and inwards positioned Straps. It is unique in every aspect.

The Ride: Directly after gliding the first few meters the rider realizes why the Firemove is so popular: The Board is planning freely, the pressure is distributed 50/50 between both of the rider’s feet and if a sudden wave should strike your board, it feels like you are punching a cushion.

Even though the Board is 69cm wide, no other board in the Test is easier to control in high winds. When doing a powerjibe the RRD board feels more stable than the wide Fanatic Gecko. While jibing the board the rider is able to diversify the radius of the jibe with a lot of options. The Firemove has a nice and clean cut through the turn. You can virtually only muck up the turn by jumping off the board. The board is very lively while riding straight even though it is quite wide, you can even pop it off the water slightly, while it is not a designated Freestyle Board.

SURF Magazine recommends: This Board is for everyone, who wants to glide through the powerjibe more effortlessly and with less trouble. Because of its supreme control the board covers a wide range of wind conditions and is still fun riding overpowered with a 5.7 sail.

Surf tested the following Boards: Exocet Cross IV 104 PRO, Fanatic Gecko 105 and Hawk 111 LTD, JP-Australia All Ride 106 Pro and Super Sport 100 PRO, Lorch Glider 105, RRD Firemove 100 LTD, Starboard Kode 103 Carbon, Tabou 3S 106 LTD and Rocket 105 LTD.


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Firemove finns i tre material.

Värstingen Firemove LTD, för dig som vill ha det bästa!

Den lite billigare Firemove X-tech/W-tech, samma prestanda, lite tyngre.

Senaste konstruktionen är Firemove E-tech, den är billigast att tillverka och brädan blir lite stryktåligare. Nackdelen är att brädan blir lite tyngre.

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Se film om firemove: http://surfers.se/2012/rrd-firemove-vad-ar-det-som-gor-den-sa-speciell-och-bra/